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West Yorkshire External Coatings, based in the Bradford, Leeds area, are a rendering and pebble dashing company with over 30 years in the external coating industry. We have lots of experience with many different types of render and dash, from traditional renders, and pebble dash to the latest in silicone and polymer rendering. Our company also specialises in coloured rendering. Please view our latest jobs from the Bradford, Leeds area and give us a call to find out more. All work comes with a 30 year guarantee.

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Rendering of Harrogate Sports & Fitness Centre

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WINTER SOLUTIONS – Fully Waterproof System

For the last several years we have been silicone rendering all year round as we use all the right materials and with over 30 years’ experience in external coatings systems we have the knowledge and expertise to make this system work all year round. We still offer a 30 year guarantee with the work we do all year round in all weather conditions. So please don’t be put off by winter conditions e.g. rain, snow, freezing conditions etc, as we have the experience to deal with this. If you call any time between September to the end of January you will automatically receive a 10% DISCOUNT on all orders placed.

Featured Rendering Work in Leeds & Bradford

Render Colour Sampler

Below you can view a sample of different colours of render that we offer. It is hard to imagine one colour all over a home so we created our own colour render sampler. Click through the slideshow below to see the house in a variety of colours.

Installers of Eco-Rendering systems

West Yorkshire External coatings specialise in the use of K Rend rendering products. A recent product that is proving popular is from their eco range.

Latest Rendering and Pebble Dashing Work

Many colours and styles

A big bonus of using our renders and dash for your home is that the colour is never damaged and can be power washed back to its original new appearance after years of use. We specialise in coloured waterproof renders. We offer a choice of over 40 coloured renders, eliminating the need for external painting and also many different effects including scratch effects, traditional dash such as pebble dash, and modern dash systems. If you are in the Bradford, Leeds or West Yorkshire area then contact us today for more information. All our coloured rendering work comes with a 30 year guarantee.

Insulation Render and Dash
0Years Guarantee

Installers of Brick Effect Rendering

West Yorkshire External Coatings are able to carry out Brick Effect render for clients in the West Yorkshire area and beyond. Brick Effect render involves making a brick effect in the render after applying the base coat and mesh. This will result in a very smart looking ‘brick’ wall that will last for a long time. Watch the Weber Brick Effect Render video to find out more.

Traditional House Rendering

A quality render coat, well applied, will improve the appearance of your home and protect it from the elements. We have been in the rendering business for over 30 years and all our work is guaranteed for 30 years. We are able to carry out silicone rendering work, traditional rendering, coloured rendering, and insulation rendering work.

Brick Effect Render

In some cases it is better to use a Brick Effect render than use a traditional brick wall. Brick Effect render involves creating a brick wall effect in the render after the undercoat and mesh have been applied. This is advanced render work that involves a lot of experience and not all renderers can carry it out. All work guaranteed for 30 years.

Insulated render and dash systems

Insulated render and dash systems are a form of Exterior Wall Insulation and drastically cut your building’s carbon foot print. Up to 45% of heat lost is lost through a buildings walls. Hence by properly insulating your walls you can keep more heat in and hence need to use less energy and spend less money.

Pebble Dashing

Pebble Dash is a decorative exterior masonry coating applied to a wall using a wet mortar with pebbles (or spar) cast onto it. Traditionally the mortar used in pebble dash was Lime based, but in more recent times cement is used instead. Since the early 1990’s a polymer-cement mortar has been available offering a wide range of colours for the mortar layer.

Spray Render

Here at West Yorkshire External Coatings we offer all types of rendering work including Spray Render. This is render that is applied via a render spray machine. It can be used to achieve a weathered stone effect and as it is a lot quicker is cheaper than other render options.

Textured Coatings

Textured coatings are pre-mixed, flexible, have an anti-crack finish and come in a wide range of textures and hundreds of different colours. The flexible anti-crack formulation and ultra-violet resistant pigments of silicon or acrylic texture allow for a seamless finish for large exterior surfaces.

WINTER SOLUTIONS - Fully Waterproof System. 30 year Guarantee.

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Benefits of Dash and Render Systems

  • Reduces heat loss by up to 45%

  • Reduction in CO2 emissions.

  • Exceptional weatherproofing properties.

  • Vapour permeable which reduces condensation

  • Offers high impact resistance and weather resistance.

  • Improves the appearance of the property.

  • Essentially maintenance free.

  • No loss in your property’s internal area

  • 30 Year Guarantee

  • Completely Weather Proof