Insulated render and dash systems

Insulated render and dash systems are a form of Exterior Wall Insulation and drastically cut your building’s carbon foot print. Up to 45% of heat lost is lost through a buildings walls. Hence by properly insulating your walls you can keep more heat in and hence need to use less energy and spend less money.

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Many colours and styles

A big bonus of choosing insulation render and dash for your home is that the colour is never damaged and can be power washed back to its original new appearance after years of use. Scratch render is a through coloured render and we offer a choice of over 40 colours, eliminating the need for external painting.

Insulation Render and Dash
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Recent Insulation and Dash Work

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Insulation and Waterproof Properties

Insulation Render and Scratch have significant insulation and waterproof properties. As well as being very hard-wearing insulation render and scratch gives a superior quality finish and when properly applied looks extremely attractive, adding value to your home.

Using Insulated Render and Dash

Certain buildings constructed with methods such as single skin walls, solid wall construction, prefabricated concrete panels and steel or timber framed buildings cannot be insulated using the alternative method of cavity wall insulation hence exterior wall insulation is perfect. Exterior wall insulation is perfect for barn conversions and garage conversions as the insulation is installed to the exterior of the building and so does not taking up valuable space inside the building.

Benefits of Insulation Render and Dash

  • Reduces heat loss by up to 45%

  • Reduction in CO2 emissions.

  • Reduction in condensation.

  • Protects and prolongs the external fabric of your property

  • Offers high impact resistance and weather resistance.

  • Improves the appearance of the property.

  • Essentially maintenance free.

  • No loss in your property’s internal area

  • 30 Year Guarantee

  • Completely Weather Proof