Textured Coatings

Textured coatings are pre-mixed, flexible, have an anti-crack finish and come in a wide range of textures and hundreds of different colours. The flexible anti-crack formulation and ultra-violet resistant pigments of silicon or acrylic texture allow for a seamless finish for large exterior surfaces.

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WINTER SOLUTIONS – Fully Waterproof System

For the last several years we have been silicone rendering all year round as we use all the right materials and with over 30 years’ experience in external coatings systems we have the knowledge and expertise to make this system work all year round. We still offer a 30 year guarantee with the work we do all year round in all weather conditions. So please don’t be put off by winter conditions e.g. rain, snow, freezing conditions etc, as we have the experience to deal with this. If you call any time between September to the end of January you will automatically receive a 10% DISCOUNT on all orders placed.

Many colours and styles

A big bonus of choosing textured coatings for your home is that the colour is never damaged and can be power washed back to its original new appearance after years of use. Scratch render is a through coloured render and we offer a choice of over 40 colours, eliminating the need for external painting.

Insulation Render and Dash
0Years Guarantee

Recent Textured Coating Work

Benefits of Textured Coatings

  • Unrivalled anti-crack formulation.

  • Comes pre-mixed in 25 kg containers.

  • Vapour permeable which means a reduction in condensation.

  • Protects and prolongs the external fabric of your property

  • Offers high impact resistance and weather resistance.

  • Improves the appearance of the property.

  • Suitable for even or uneven surfaces.

  • No loss in your property’s internal area

  • 30 Year Guarantee

  • Completely Weather Proof